Art Update

I am honored to be chosen for the Spotlight on Women Artists Program July - September 2017 at the Women’s Funding Alliance office in downtown Seattle.  Please let me know if you would like to arrange to see the exhibit.

Art Update

Waterfall IV 12” x 12”  Oil on Board  Donation to Art Trumps planned Parenthood Fundraiser

Waterfall V 12” x 12”  Oil on Board  Donation to Men’s Chorus Fundraiser

Waterfall IV:  Donation to Art Trumps Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

Waterfall V:  Donation to Seattle Mens and Womens Chorus Fundraiser

Upcoming:  Featured Artist:  Spotlight on Women Artists sponsored by Women’s Funding Alliance  July - September 2017 


New Work for Pacific Regent Retirement Centers, Bellevue, WA:

“Inside a Leaf XI”  ‘Inside a Leaf XII”  “Cloud Dreams V” “Cloud Dreams VI

People’s Bank Purchase:  

“Cloud Dreams IV

New Work at SAM Gallery:

“Inside a Cloud I” and “Inside a Cloud II

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